Extending your brand

Your Brand Value Has Grown

We focus on extending that effort through the critical last mile delivery stage. The last mile can be the most important (and generally most difficult) stage of the supply chain. This is where a delivery team has the opportunity to engage with your customer and create a lasting impression that will influence future purchases. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a positive impression.

With over 40 cross docking and warehouse locations across the country, we can easily extend your reach to keep pace with the rapid growth of your business.

We’ll do so while providing tailored customer service teams that understand the special considerations needed to provide big and bulky home delivery with the care and caution necessary to uphold your brand.

When it comes to placing your product in the hands of your clients in their homes, you must offer the same level of service that you offer online and in-store.

Each of our delivery associates are carefully screened to ensure they meet the highest industry standards for customer service and driving expertise that are consistent with the retailers and brands they represent, including Best Buy, Home Depot and Amazon.