Home Delivery Tiers

Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Our big and bulky home delivery service gives you the flexibility to offer your customer a variety of selections. We take the privilege of delivering on your behalf to heart, offering extreme care to extend your brand thoughtfully with complete installation, removal, and return processes in place.

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To expedite delivery and minimize the need for dreaded repeated attempts, items are placed at the door of your customer’s home and a picture is taken and shared to confirm delivery. Otherwise known as To the Door delivery, this method is the preferred mode for many — especially those with home surveillance systems in place.

We cross the threshold to deliver cumbersome packages to a specified location in the home. This service, which can include removing and replacing items that obstruct access, is generally accompanied by special considerations to ensure minimal disruption to your customer.

If big and bulky delivery requires confirmation of receipt at the point of delivery, we ensure there is customer signoff and acceptance. Depending on the item(s) shipped, this can be done at the onset or completion of home delivery.

We cater to your high-value items and those requiring careful assembly. Delivery is done according to your standard operating procedures encompassing a mix of the following special considerations to ensure the final interaction with your brand is a positive one:

  • Appointment Selection
  • Red Carpet Service
  • Order Inspection
  • De-frocking
  • Set in Place
  • Assembly and Installation
  • Sensitive Material Handling

We follow your customer’s detailed instructions for accessing areas of their property and navigating through access barriers to specified locations in and around the home. This can include disassembly and removal of existing items, integrating new items within a confined environment, or making physical connections to enable “plug and play” operation of the new big and bulky item.